Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Google Scholar

This is probably old news to everyone but me, but you can now have your very own google scholar page.  It's a public page with a bibliography and professional affiliation.  But wait!  There's more!  It also ranks your papers in order of awesomeness (i.e. number of citations), and even gives you the numbers over time.

It even gives you your h-index score (the largest number h such that h publications have at least h citations), so you can see how big, or little, of an impact you're having on the field.  I think it's invite only right now, but it'll be an incredibly useful tool once it's widely available.


  1. It's open to everyone as of about a month ago. No invites needed.

  2. I just updated mine... I actually thought my most cited paper was cited way less than it actually was! An early nerd christmas present!

  3. oh god... am I going to start compulsively checking my citations now? And exponentially increase the rate at which I do so until I have tenure??